For real fans of bondage!This butt plug is the perfect toy for exciting bondage games. A rope can be attached to the ring that sits at one e..


Elastic black dildo with a loop for the penis and a testicle ring ..


• Penis pump with scissor handle.• Large and handy you will definitely get along with it!• With scissor handle, Builds up pressure quickly a..


Blonde love doll with bent legs and three pleasure holes, mouth, vagina and anus.Bridget has a 3D face and artificial hair. She is lifesize ..


Whether sexy role playing or lesbian lust, everything is possible with this adjustable strap on tango and the two dildos attached to it...


Double-bed sized shiny black PVC sheet. Fully washable and ideal for slippery games with oil or food. 200 x 230 cm..


For magnificent erections!Make your best asset the center of attention with this black, velvety soft penis sleeve with a fascinating lattice..


Black cock ring with a butt plug, dotted perineum bar and vibrations at the push of a button...


Warm and comfy boob slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 44 (Euro)..


apron with a picture of a cartoon female body with big soft cushioned boobs..


Breasts Plush Pillow

Skin-coloured plush pillow with pink nipples..


Transparent nubby silicone-like penis sleeve with a small vibrating bullet to be placed in the extension tip. With multi speed vibrations 2...


Anatomically shaped clit sucker and vacuum pump with release valve. Feels like sucking lips!..


More fun in twos for everyone!The stiff end gets inserted into the vagina and the flexible end lies on the clitoris or gets inserted into th..


Crazy sucking and sucking feelings!Simply place the Multi Sucker on the nipple and or clitoris and create the pleasure vacuum with the handy..


Penis plug with stopper and a stimulating shape for daily use. Cone-shaped, silver-colored, and hollow penis plug with stopper ball and a ve..


The small blue vibrator for hot pleasure.This vibrator is small but mighty and one of the second generation Cuties. It has a velvety soft su..


The small massager for a handbag.Green mini vibrator with an exciting grooved texture on the flexible head. This vibrator is from the second..


The little one for the pocket.Pink mini vibrator with an exciting groove structure and a cuddly soft-touch texture from the second generatio..


The little vibrator for a handbag.Mini vibrator with an exciting stimulating texture and a velvety soft-touch texture. The vibrator is from ..


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